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Advanced Modern Solutions

Welcome to Advanced Modern Solutions, where the workflow of your business or medical practice is fully optimized using our advanced Internet and telephonic technology.

Whether it is through our Coding Automation Toolkit that automates medical coding, Advanced Telephony System that enables thousands of calls within seconds (perfect for appointment reminders, emergency broadcast notifications, collections, etc) or our State-of-the-art Call-in Dictation and Online Transcription Platform that allows for immense cost savings, our services are all designed to help you improve productivity and enjoy cost AND time-savings!

We are a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area based company comprised of a network of IT developers and a management team with more than 20 years of successful software/hardware and technology services experience. Our robust, secure, web-enabled software systems are designed for ease of use by our clients and to meet HIPAA Compliance.

We are forward-thinking, providing solutions for today and the future.

The Internet, our expertise and the software systems and tools we use enable us to get your practice up & running regardless of location. Contact us today!

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I have found your service reputable and efficient.

Robert Coutant, MD