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Speech Recognition Highlights

- Our ASR (automatic speech recognition) engines convert audio to text on-the-fly
- Our ASR engines are very accurate and tuned for voice mails and general contents
- Our ASR engines will automatically detect language (English and Spanish are supported)
- Our ASR engines are speaker independent - no training is required
- Our ASR engines are capable of transcribing almost any audio or video format

- Upload your audio via email, FTP, FTP SSL, SFTP or SCH
- Your audio files will be instantly picked up by our scanners and automatically transcribed
- Get transcribed text back via email, SMS (text), FTP, FTP SSL, SFTP or SCH
- We can also email and/or SMS the transcribed text using our HIPAA-compliant solution
- Instant activation; 24/7/365 availability
- Simple and quick set-up; Simple to use web interface (with the optional API access)
- Simplest pricing structure - you pay per transcribed audio minute
- No hidden costs, no start-up fees and no long term commitments

The platform is easy to use and allows for a great increase in productivity. Editing is faster, and document movement and delivery is far easier. The calling solution can be handled by even the computer illiterate.

Russell Radovich
686 Medical