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Automated Call Solution Outbound Plans

Some of the most popular plans:

Dial plan Health & Emergency Alerts dials out to any number of people and broadcasts your audio message to them.

Dial plan Appointment & Prescription Reminders reminds patients about their appointments (prescriptions), with the ability to confirm/cancel appointment (reorder medications).

Dial plan Various Notifications tells a patient his/her lab results or pre/postoperative instructions.

Dial plan Collections is for debt collection calls, with the ability to transfer debtor to a live operator.

Dial plan Surveys is a questions/answers call with the ability to leave comments in audio form.

Remember, you have an option to select ANY number of dialplans, even simultaneously! And, you can also modify any dialplan according to YOUR needs.

The platform is easy to use and allows for a great increase in productivity. Editing is faster, and document movement and delivery is far easier. The calling solution can be handled by even the computer illiterate.

Russell Radovich
686 Medical