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Test Our App

1) Download App.

     i-OS: iTunes Store, keyword "HCEF", category "Medical". Or, click here.
     Android: Google Play Store, keyword "Decrypto", section "Medical". Or, click here.
     Windows: Install App by clicking here, select option "Run" ("Open").

2) Register App using following settings:

     Phone: 4128310000
     Email: john@server.com
     Password: 1234

3) Download archive that contains HCEF files by clicking here.

4) Extract 3 HCEF files from downloaded archive and email them to yourself.

5) Check your email from mobile device.

General instructions

Please allow me to congratulate your company and thank you for all the help you have afforded me. Your response to my problems has been truly outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone.

Felix A Evangelist, MD